How Can We Serve You?

  • Trainings

    The Center provides cultural competency training in Cortland and Cayuga counties. Our training is a blend of LGBTQ 101 and Safe Zone. Training covers the basics including biological sex, gender, sexual orientation, health disparities, language, and how to make spaces safe and affirming. Each training is tailored to meet the unique needs of the population that we are presenting to.

    To schedule a training for your organization or group, please contact Sam at

  • Medical Providers

    * Train staff on LGBT Cultural Competency, LGBT Health Disparities, LGBT Youth Suicide Prevention, and more
    * Create a more welcoming environment for LGBT patients
    * Assist in creating inclusive policies and procedures
    * Offer LGBT inclusive materials including magazines for waiting rooms, brochures, and children's books

  • Schools

    * Train on issues of LGBT Cultural Competency, LGBT Health Disparities, LGBT Youth Suicide, and more
    * Support Gay-Straight Alliances
    * Serve as a resource for LGBT students and staff members
    * Assist in the creation of policies and procedures
    * Teach students about issues related to diversity, bullying, sexual orientation, and gender identity

  • LGBTQ Individuals and Allies

    *Drop in center for people of all ages, Monday - Friday, 9am-5pm. Stop by and say hello to our friendly staff!
    *Community referrals/resources
    *Emotional support for LGBTQ people, their friends, families, and allies
    *Support for local high school and college Gay-Straight Alliances (GSAs)
    *Largest LGBTQ book, magazine, and film lending library in the area! We have a wonderful selection of great LGBTQ-inclusive fiction for teens, even for reluctant readers.
    *Support for local LGBTQ events
    *Social media to connect, educate, and support our LGBTQ and ally community

  • Media

    * Write editorials on LGBT issues
    * Consult on issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, diversity, and other LGBT related issues

If you have any LGBTQ needs not listed here, please contact us! We are always willing to work with agencies, groups, and individuals to best figure out how to serve your needs!